Photographer using sketch to direct/pose talent

Photographer using sketch to direct/pose talent

The purpose

INSP TV network creates original series and movies with unique key art for each title.

When making key art, sketches have become integrated into the beginning of the process. These sketches are used in order to expedite approvals, aid the creative team, and direct talent.

the process

A small team will gather inspiration, and brainstorm what the desired look will be for a movie or show. When a consensus is reached, I then create quick thumbnails. Several of these are chosen by an art director to be fully realized as possible directions. I’ll then create rough digital sketches, shortly followed by the “final” sketches.

When approved, executives will choose which look they would like to proceed with. This is then taken to set, where the talent is directed/posed based on the desired sketch. After all photos and assets are collected, the final art is completed by the rest of the creative team.

example sketch vs final key art

sample gallery